About Brandon Canesi

Born with a limb reduction, Brandon Canesi has never stopped striving for athletic excellence. While attending Mainland Regional High School, Brandon was the coxswain on the boy's crew team, he snowboarded in the winters, used prosthetics for baseball, and dabbled in football and basketball in his youth. But his main interest has always been in golf.

Before beginning his education at the Golf Academy of America, he could often be found on the course in the warmer months, even traveling to other states for a round. Often times, other players approach him, interested in his custom gear and how someone with a limb difference is able to hold and swing the club sometimes scoring better than typical players. He has learned how to properly hold his modified club to allow him to drive the ball and has even achieved two holes in one. Years of hard work and determination, as well as unwavering support from his family, has allowed him to become an accomplished golfer.

Now he is continuing his education at The Golf Academy of America. There, he will learn how to both teach the sport and put on more golf tournaments to better the adaptive golf community. In time, he also hopes to hone his ability to build and produce adaptive clubs for children, teens, and young adults who have an interest in the sport, but do not have the proper tools.

But Brandon knows that specialized clubs and understanding teachers are not easy to find. Brandon hopes to promote a love of golf with all players, regardless of their physical abilities, and show the world that adaptive golf is a legitimate and rewarding sport.

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